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The Short Story

UGG was created to support bands , singer-songwriters , artists , sculptors and writers. UGG is currently just an investment portfolio that distributes a portion of its annual profits to the arts. 

UGG does not decide on the recipients of the grants, so please do not contact us for support.
Our roster only includes artists who own 100% of their work.
On the music side, we currently only support rock/metal music played on traditional instruments, and the support goes directly to the recording studio, which reduces recording costs.
The support is free of charge and charitable.
On the music side, the people on the recording side decide who gets the support and who deserves it at any given time.
For artists and writers, subsidies are still in the planning stages , we will announce when it is known.
Updated: 22/04/2024 : The music production grant for 2024 has been awarded. 


Let’s Work Together

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